1: 1. The Bible accurately predicted the fall of Rome. 2. Prophecies about the birth of Jesus came true.

2: 3. The Bible foretold the destruction of Jerusalem. 4. Archaeological discoveries confirm biblical events.

3: 5. The Bible accurately predicts the end times. 6. Scientific evidence supports biblical stories.

4: 7. The Bible contains accurate historical accounts. 8. Prophecies about the Messiah were fulfilled.

5: 9. The Bible accurately describes the creation of the world. 10. The Bible has survived centuries of scrutiny.

6: 11. The Bible foretold the rise and fall of nations. 12. The Bible has been translated into hundreds of languages.

7: 13. The Bible accurately predicts human behavior. 14. The Bible's wisdom is timeless.

8: 15. The Bible continues to shape history and culture. 16. The Bible's teachings have influenced laws and ethics.

9: 17. The Bible has been a source of inspiration for countless people. 18. The Bible's messages of love and forgiveness have stood the test of time.