1: "Perfect Roasted Potatoes" Achieve crispy perfection with these simple steps.

2: "Choose the Right Potatoes" Opt for Yukon Gold or Russet for best results.

3: "Preheat Your Oven" Get that oven nice and hot before roasting.

4: "Cut Potatoes Evenly" Uniform slices ensure even cooking and crispy edges.

5: "Coat in Olive Oil" Toss potatoes in olive oil for a golden finish.

6: "Season Generously" Don't be shy with salt, pepper, and herbs.

7: "Roast at High Heat" Cook at 425°F for crispy outsides and fluffy insides.

8: "Flip Halfway Through" Evenly brown all sides by flipping potatoes.

9: "Serve and Enjoy" Pair with your favorite main dish for a perfect meal.