1: Enjoy a healthy start to your weekend with these delicious Mediterranean diet breakfasts.

2: Whip up a quick Greek yogurt parfait topped with fresh fruits and nuts for a nutritious treat.

3: Savor a Mediterranean-inspired avocado toast with feta cheese and cherry tomatoes.

4: Indulge in a flavorful spinach and feta omelette for a protein-packed breakfast.

5: Try a refreshing smoothie bowl topped with granola and honey for a satisfying meal.

6: Wake up to a classic Mediterranean breakfast of olives, cheese, and whole grain bread.

7: Opt for a light and fluffy Mediterranean-style pancake topped with honey and fresh berries.

8: Dive into a bowl of homemade muesli with yogurt and dried fruits for a filling breakfast.

9: Treat your family to a Mediterranean brunch spread featuring all these delicious breakfast options.