1: Domino's - Known for poor quality sauce and lackluster toppings. Customers frequently complain about undercooked crust.

2: Papa John's - Criticized for subpar ingredients and unreliable delivery times. Limited menu options and high prices.

3: Little Caesars - Cheap prices come at a cost of low-quality ingredients and bland flavors. Inconsistent food quality.

4: Chuck E. Cheese - Often labeled as a children's entertainment center, not a pizza destination. Stale pizza served at high prices.

5: CiCi's Pizza - All-you-can-eat buffet known for mediocre taste and limited topping choices. Lack of freshness in ingredients.

6: Sbarro - Malls and airports have made Sbarro infamous for reheated, greasy slices. Overpriced for lackluster taste.

7: Pizza Hut - Microwaved crusts and artificial cheese make Pizza Hut a subpar choice. Limited customization options.

8: Papa Murphy's - "Take 'n' bake" concept results in dry, flavorless pizzas. Lack of in-store cooking diminishes quality.

9: Hungry Howie's - Inconsistent quality and flavors make Hungry Howie's a hit-or-miss choice for pizza lovers. Limited menu options.