1: Witness heartbreak in "Clannad" as Nagisa and Tomoya drift apart.

2: Tear up over the tragic separation of Rin and Sia in "Shuffle!"

3: Feel the pain of Kaori's untimely goodbye in "Your Lie in April."

4: Devastation strikes in "Anohana" as Menma's departure leaves Jintan shattered.

5: "Orange" shows us the agony of Kakeru and Naho's missed connection.

6: Dig into the sorrow of Hiro and Zero Two in "Darling in the Franxx."

7: Ugly cries ahead as Inuyasha and Kikyo meet their end in "Inuyasha."

8: Say goodbye to Eren and Mikasa's bond in "Attack on Titan."

9: Discover the heart-wrenching end of Mitsuha and Taki in "Your Name."