1: Discover the 9 rarest pennies in the United States, from the 1943 copper penny to the 1793 Chain Cent.

2: Uncover the mystery of the 1877 Indian Head penny, known for its low mintage and high value.

3: Learn about the elusive 1943 Bronze Lincoln cent, a mistake coin made during World War II.

4: Explore the story behind the 1909-S VDB penny, valued for its rarity and historical significance.

5: Delve into the history of the 1955 Doubled Die penny, a rare error coin with distinct doubling.

6: Admire the beauty of the 1793 Chain Cent, one of the first pennies minted in the United States.

7: Marvel at the 1944 Steel penny, a wartime coin made from recycled materials during WWII.

8: Appreciate the unique design of the 1856 Flying Eagle cent, a short-lived series valued among collectors.

9: Celebrate the 1909-S Indian Head penny, a scarce coin with a limited mintage and strong collector demand.