1: Capricorn's soulmate is Taurus. Both grounded and practical, they share a strong work ethic and appreciation for stability.

2: Virgo, a fellow earth sign, is a compatible match for Capricorn. Their shared values of responsibility and commitment create a strong bond.

3: Pisces, a water sign, complements Capricorn's grounded nature with their emotional depth and empathy.

4: Scorpio's intensity and passion make them a great match for Capricorn. Both signs value loyalty and honesty in a relationship.

5: While Capricorn may clash with Aries' impulsiveness, their dynamic chemistry and shared drive for success can create a powerful partnership.

6: Sagittarius, with their adventurous spirit and optimism, can bring excitement and spontaneity to Capricorn's life.

7: Aquarius' independent nature and unconventional approach to life can intrigue and challenge Capricorn, creating a unique and stimulating connection.

8: Leo, with their confidence and charisma, can capture Capricorn's attention and bring excitement and passion to the relationship.

9: Cancer, a water sign, provides Capricorn with emotional support and nurturing, creating a comforting and stable partnership.