Dog Breeds People Regret Buying & Want To Give Back

Ah, the elegant Dalmatian with its striking spots and playful personality. While they make a great addition to households that can match their endless energy, they may leave some owners feeling overwhelmed.  

When it comes to natural intelligence and endless energy, Border Collies take the crown. While their smarts and herding abilities are undoubtedly impressive, they need constant mental and physical stimulation.  

The Siberian Husky has become a symbol of beauty and adventure. But beneath that fluffy coat lies a dog explorer longing for the great outdoors. 

Great Danes need a whole lot of space, both inside and outside. Also, their appetites are something else!  

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First things first, Pomeranians love to talk – a lot! So, a Pom might not be the best pick if you're looking for a quiet dog. And let's not forget about their luxurious coats. 

These energetic dogs will always keep you on your toes. And if you don't give them the right mental stimulation and training, these adorable troublemakers can wreak havoc in your home. 

Soon, self-driving cars will be everywhere. But did you know there are varying degrees of automation?

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