1: Achieve #gymspirtion with these female celebs who lift weights. Get motivated by their dedication to fitness.

2: 1. Jennifer Aniston 2. Gal Gadot 3. Khloe Kardashian

3: 4. Kate Upton 5. Hilary Swank 6. Brie Larson

4: 7. Halle Berry 8. Gigi Hadid 9. Jessica Biel

5: Follow their fitness journeys for inspiration and tips on lifting weights.

6: Stay strong and empowered with these gym-savvy celebs leading the way.

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9: @HalleBerry @GigiHadid @JessicaBiel --- I have mentioned the names of female celebrities who are known for lifting weights and their associated Instagram handles to inspire readers for their fitness journey. This content will attract readers interested in gym inspiration from popular celebrities.