1: "Hurricane Beryl Approaching Texas" Residents are urged to evacuate as a powerful storm heads towards the state. Stay safe and follow all emergency guidelines.

2: "Emergency Preparedness Tips" Pack essential supplies and secure your home before the storm hits. Keep updated with local news for evacuation orders.

3: "Evacuation Routes" Plan your escape route in advance and follow designated evacuation paths. Stay prepared and prioritize safety for yourself and your family.

4: "Emergency Shelter Locations" Find nearby shelters and go there if evacuation is necessary. Keep important documents and supplies with you at all times.

5: "Protecting Your Home" Board up windows and secure outdoor items to minimize damage. Take precautions and ensure your safety during the storm.

6: "Stay Informed" Monitor weather updates and follow official instructions. Stay connected with loved ones and seek help if needed.

7: "Emergency Contact Numbers" Save emergency hotlines and contact numbers for quick assistance. Stay in touch with authorities and stay safe during Hurricane Beryl.

8: "After the Storm" Check for damage and stay away from flooded areas. Stay cautious and seek help for any emergencies.

9: "Community Support" Help others in need and volunteer for recovery efforts. Stay united and rebuild stronger after Hurricane Beryl.