1: "Johnny Manziel's rise to NFL stardom came crashing down due to off-field issues."

2: "The pressures of fame and expectations led Manziel to spiral out of control."

3: "Manziel's reckless behavior jeopardized his career and personal well-being."

4: "Known as 'Johnny Football,' Manziel struggled to shake off his troubled reputation."

5: "Manziel's NFL career was short-lived, marked by controversy and unfulfilled potential."

6: "Facing legal troubles and substance abuse issues, Manziel hit rock bottom."

7: "With the support of loved ones, Manziel sought redemption and a fresh start."

8: "Manziel opened up about his struggles and vowed to turn his life around."

9: "Today, Johnny Manziel continues to work towards rebuilding his life and reputation."