1: "What is the meaning of life?" The Bible doesn't explicitly answer this age-old question, leaving it open to interpretation and faith.

2: "Who wrote the Bible?" While scholars have theories, the actual authors of the texts remain mystery in the Bible.

3: "Why does God allow suffering?" The Bible provides some insight, but the question remains a complex mystery.

4: "What happens after death?" The Bible offers glimpses of the afterlife, but the full picture remains elusive.

5: "Why is there evil in the world?" The Bible addresses the existence of evil, but the question remains unanswered for many.

6: "Does God have a gender?" The Bible often refers to God in masculine terms, but the divine nature transcends gender.

7: "How old is the Earth?" The Bible doesn't provide a specific timeline for the age of the Earth, leaving room for interpretation.

8: "Can the Bible be taken literally?" Scholars debate the literal vs. symbolic interpretation of the Bible's teachings.

9: "How do we reconcile the Old and New Testaments?" The Bible's two main sections offer different perspectives, leaving readers to find their own understanding.