1: Meet British driver Ollie Bearman, set to join F1 next season after filling in for Carlos Sainz.

2: Bearman, 19, impressed as a stand-in for Ferrari's Sainz in Saudi Arabia.

3: His dream of an F1 seat comes true as he becomes the fourth British driver on the grid.

4: Bearman's talent and determination earn him a coveted spot in Formula 1.

5: The young driver's journey to F1 stardom has just begun.

6: Excitement builds as Bearman prepares to make his mark in the world of racing.

7: Fans eagerly anticipate Bearman's upcoming debut in Formula 1.

8: With his skills and passion, Bearman is poised to shine in the competitive F1 circuit.

9: Stay tuned for Ollie Bearman's thrilling debut as he takes on the best in Formula 1.