1: WBC Expels Ryan Garcia The World Boxing Council takes action against Ryan Garcia for racist remarks.

2: Racism in Boxing The WBC's decision sends a strong message against bigotry in the sport.

3: Garcia's Apology Ryan Garcia issues a public apology after facing consequences for his actions.

4: Impact of Racist Remarks The boxing community reacts to Garcia's expulsion for making racially insensitive comments.

5: Lessons Learned The incident involving Ryan Garcia highlights the importance of being mindful of one's words.

6: Moving Forward Garcia's expulsion serves as a reminder that racism has no place in boxing or any sport.

7: WBC Stands Firm The World Boxing Council upholds its commitment to promoting equality and diversity.

8: Support for Garcia Fans and critics weigh in on the controversy surrounding Ryan Garcia's expulsion from boxing.

9: Unity in Boxing The boxing world unites in denouncing racism and striving for a more inclusive and respectful community.