1: Meet Sherlock Holmes, the genius detective with an IQ of 6 seconds. Can he spot the lumberjack in the dense forest?

2: As Sherlock explores the forest, his keen eyes dart around, searching for any sign of the elusive lumberjack.

3: With each passing second, Sherlock's mind races, analyzing every detail in the forest to crack the case.

4: Suddenly, Sherlock's sharp intuition kicks in, leading him to a hidden clearing where the lumberjack is chopping trees.

5: The lumberjack is caught off guard as Sherlock deduces his identity in record time, showcasing his unrivaled detective skills.

6: Impressed by Sherlock's quick thinking, the lumberjack surrenders, admitting defeat to the master detective's intellect.

7: Sherlock's astonishing IQ of 6 seconds proves once again why he is the greatest detective of all time, outsmarting even the toughest challenges.

8: As the case closes, Sherlock Holmes emerges victorious, solidifying his reputation as the ultimate sleuth with an unparalleled ability to spot the lumberjack in the forest.

9: Join Sherlock on his next adventure as he continues to astound with his lightning-fast IQ and unrivaled deductive reasoning skills.