1: The Kansas City Chiefs lead the pack as the favorites to win it all in the NFL according to Vegas.

2: The Baltimore Ravens are close behind, with odds favored to make a deep playoff run this season.

3: The San Francisco 49ers are considered a top contender in the NFC with strong odds from Vegas.

4: The New Orleans Saints are a perennial powerhouse with high odds to compete for a Super Bowl title.

5: The Seattle Seahawks are a top team in the NFC, with Vegas giving them good odds to make a playoff run.

6: The Green Bay Packers are a strong team in the NFC, with Vegas picking them as a top contender this season.

7: The New England Patriots are always a threat in the AFC, with Vegas giving them solid odds to win it all.

8: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have improved significantly with Tom Brady, making them a top team according to Vegas.

9: The Pittsburgh Steelers round out the top 10 teams in the NFL according to Vegas, with strong odds for a successful season.