1: 1. Maine is known for its lobster and clam chowder 2. Louisiana's gumbo and crawfish are a must-try

2: 3. Maryland is famous for its crabs and crab cakes 4. Washington state offers fresh salmon and oysters

3: 5. Florida is known for its key lime pie and stone crab claws 6. Alaska boasts wild-caught halibut and king crab legs

4: 7. Massachusetts provides delicious fish and chips 8. California offers sushi and Dungeness crab

5: 9. Virginia's oysters and shrimp are a seafood lover's delight 10. Hawaii features poke bowls and mahi-mahi

6: 11. Texas is famous for its shrimp and catfish dishes 12. Oregon provides tasty prawns and cod fillets

7: 13. New York offers a variety of seafood from lobster to oysters 14. South Carolina is known for its shrimp and grits

8: 15. Georgia provides delicious fried catfish and shrimp 16. North Carolina offers a seafood boil with shrimp and clams

9: 17. Mississippi is famous for its delicious crawfish boils 18. Alabama provides tasty shrimp and grilled oysters.