1: Discover the world of rare coins still in circulation today, including five rare dimes and one rare bicentennial quarter.

2: The 1965 silver dime, minted in error, is worth up to $900. Could it be in your pocket?

3: The 1982 no-mintmark dime is a rare find, valued at around $400. Keep an eye out for it!

4: The 1975 no-S proof Roosevelt dime is highly sought after by collectors, with a value of $400.

5: The 1970-S proof dime with no mintmark is worth a whopping $900. Check your change for this rare gem!

6: The 1976 Bicentennial quarter, with a special design, is worth up to $2,000. It could be in your hands!

7: Don't overlook the 1975 no-S proof Washington quarter, valued at $900. Keep an eye out for this rare coin!

8: The 1982 no-mintmark Washington quarter is a valuable find, worth around $400. Could you have one?

9: Combined, these rare dimes and quarter have a total value of $93 million. Keep your eyes peeled for these valuable coins!