1: Is your Samsung TV constantly losing connection to your WiFi network? Discover common reasons why this happens.

2: Check for interference from other devices or walls blocking the signal. Move your router closer to the TV for better connectivity.

3: Update your TV's firmware to ensure it's running the latest software. This can often resolve connectivity issues.

4: Try resetting your router or modem to refresh the connection. Unplugging and replugging can often solve the problem.

5: Make sure your WiFi network is secure and not being accessed by unauthorized users. Change the password for added security.

6: Consider using a WiFi extender to boost the signal strength and reach of your network. This can improve connection stability.

7: Contact your internet service provider to check for any outage or connectivity issues on their end. They can help troubleshoot the problem.

8: Invest in a newer, more reliable router that can better handle the demands of streaming on your Samsung TV.

9: Follow these tips to keep your Samsung TV connected to WiFi without interruption. Stay connected and enjoy seamless streaming.