1: Aries - independent and assertive, romantic gestures may feel suffocating to them.

2: Taurus - practical and grounded, overly sentimental gestures may come off as insincere.

3: Gemini - always seeking variety, excess romantic acts may bore them quickly.

4: Cancer - emotional and sensitive, grand gestures may feel overwhelming to them.

5: Leo - proud and confident, too much romance may feel like their spotlight is being stolen.

6: Virgo - detail-oriented and logical, overly romantic gestures may seem impractical to them.

7: Libra - seeking balance and harmony, extravagant gestures may feel forced to them.

8: Scorpio - intense and passionate, too much romance may feel like manipulation to them.

9: Sagittarius - adventurous and free-spirited, excessive romantic acts may feel suffocating to their independence.